Crestron provided the technology package for The New American Home 2018.

Crestron's integrated lighting control solutions include motorized shades - adding beauty, convenience, and comfort throughout the home. Featuring exclusive Quiet Motor Technology™, Crestron shades provide silent operation and convenient, one-touch control. 

A Crestron® touch screen offers an ideal user-interface for controlling all the technology in your home, Touch screens simplify and enhance the way you use technology, doing away with those piles of remote controls, cluttered wall switches, disparate smartphone apps, and cryptic computer screens. 

We’ve partnered with Crestron to install a fully scalable audio distribution system that delivers
high-output audiophile sound quality to every room in the home with reduced cabling, low
power consumption, advanced DSP and integrator-friendly setup.
This system takes audio distribution to a higher level, facilitating massive systems with up to 74
zones and more than 30,000 Watts of power. Users will enjoy more power to the speakers
while still honoring energy efficiency thanks to a custom hybrid amplifier.

Lighting and Lighting Controls
Automation enclosures with an integrated breaker panel provide a professional centralized
dimming solution. These enclosures are known for being space-efficient and configurable.
The centralized lighting system is controlled by a versatile and stylish wall-mount keypad,
featuring customizable buttons, auto-dimmable backlit text, enhanced LED feedback, control
parts and Cresnet wired communications.
Also featured will be a control hub, which provides the hardware interface between an app and
all devices in the system. The hub communicates with the app via an internet connection to
enable control and monitoring of AV, lights, shades, thermostats, security systems, door locks,
occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and other equipment. It also enables control of the
equipment using touch screens and keypads.

Comprehensive window treatments will be applied to TNAH. Proper shading provides
protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays while still allowing residents to enjoy the pleasures
of natural lighting from the sun.

The control processor forms the core of any modern networked home, managing and
integrating all the disparate technologies throughout the facility to make life easier, greener,
more productive and more enjoyable.
The processor featured in TNAH is an enterprise-class control system with an enhanced
feature set. It offers immense power, expanded memory, an enhanced color LCD front panel,
numerous integrated control ports and three control card expansion slots. The processor also
boasts an isolated control subnet and provides a dedicated Control Subnet port.

User Control
Nearly every gadget in the home is controlled by a touch screen that offers an ideal userinterface
and is completely customizable for controlling audio, video, lighting, shades, HVAC,
security and other systems. It features a clean, contemporary, space-saving appearance with
edge-to-edge glass and advanced high-definition Smart Graphics. The control also has
onboard voice recognition, web browsing, H.264 streaming video, build-in camera, an
intercom, room scheduling and a full-featured media player for an enhanced multiform
entertainment experience.